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Cherry Popper

Cherry Popper, our first fruit cider is here! true to our roots this is a medium dry cider which leaves a hint of cherry tickling the back of your tongue

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Butcher's Boy

Butcher’s Boy, award winning, craft cider. Made from a blend of culinary and cider apples. It has a sweet but sharp flavour. Try some today.

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Want to know what a truly local cider tastes like? Try Roundabout, our medium cider, made with a blend of apples from Swindon and round about.

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Cat's Tongue

Try Cat’s Tongue our award winning dry cider. Made with only cider apples it’s not for the faint hearted. It’s a bold cider full of flavour.

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Our customers

"Circle Cider is a must try for any Cider fan, If you come across them at a show, a fair or you happen to live in and around Swindon I highly recommend giving them a go. The Cider is excellent both still and sparkling (Butchers Boy is my recommendation)."

Nathan Dukes